Hey there!!!

My name is Reedah, Ree for short, and you are most welcome to my blog!! I’m a quirky teenager, and I love a whole bunch of things!! I spent months trying to find a perfect niche for this blog, but I’m not that into fashion, photography, food, fitness, or even life hacks. So I decided to start a blog anyway without a specific topic, and I really hope your bear with me.

I’m into a whole lot of things. Books (in love with them), science, tv shows, movies, anime/manga, a little bit of food and fashion, I’m a DC and Marvel fan, I absolutely love animals, and I’m an aspiring author. So if you love that kind of randomness, be sure to stick around!!♥️

See ya!!

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  • Fugitives: Chapter 4 – Psychopathy
    And that’s the fourth chapter. I do hope you enjoyed it, and please like and leave a comment if you did.
  • Fugitives: Chapter 3: Brutality
    Hello! I’m here with the third chapter of Fugitives, and a special announcement at the end.
  • Fugitives: Chapter 2 – Run
    So, that’s the second chapter. Do tell me what you think of it, and what I could do to make it better. I really don’t feel the writing is good enough.
  • Fugitives: Chapter 1 – Discoveries
    Hey guys! After much deliberation and planning, I decided to finally start posting the chapters of my current WIP here.
  • Three Ways To Make Studying Easier
    So, this post is a simple one. Currently, I’m on break from exams, but I get back into it next week Monday. So, in the spirit, I decided to share the three things/actions that help me study. This is most likely common knowledge, but I just thought I should put it down, to who may not know.
  • Word Scraps: Edition 4
    Hey guys! So, I have had a creativity block recently, so I decided to post a snippet from one of my books that are on hold: Kleptomania. This is the fourth chapter of the book, because I don’t really plan on posting everything here. But, let me know if I should add a weekly stories category here, where I’ll post a chapter weekly and sequentially of one of my books. You know, to add to all the other posts I do regularly.
  • Graphics Dump
    Hey guys! Recently I was going through my gallery, and I found some graphics I made myself with Canva a while ago (all of them being book covers, of course), and I thought I should share them here, cause I’m pretty proud of them. Plus, a while ago my best friend made a few for me, back when I was clueless about making graphics, haha.
  • Brief rant: Why Hard Copy Books Will Always Have the Advantage Over E-books
    I thought of this a while ago. Book lovers can easily spend the night at a bookstore just to finish reading a book they like. But they buy the book, simply because of the joy of owning and rereading a book. For the joy of leaving and reliving memories in between the pages of the book. It’s magical, and you just can’t get that with an e-book.
  • What type of writer are you?
    What type of writer are you?
  • My Writing Journey: Age Ten to Sixteen
    I started writing when I was ten, and from then till today, at sixteen years old, I find that I’ve made a lot of interesting changes in my writing. Also, it’s quite a journey from then till now.