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My name is Reedah, Ree for short, and you are most welcome to my blog!! I’m a quirky teenager, and I love a whole bunch of things!! I spent months trying to find a perfect niche for this blog, but I’m not that into fashion, photography, food, fitness, or even life hacks. So I decided to start a blog anyway without a specific topic, and I really hope your bear with me.

I’m into a whole lot of things. Books (in love with them), science, tv shows, movies, anime/manga, a little bit of food and fashion, I’m a DC and Marvel fan, I absolutely love animals, and I’m an aspiring author. So if you love that kind of randomness, be sure to stick around!!♥️

See ya!!

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  • More Prompts + a piece of writing advice
  • Expiration Date cover (bonus)
  • Review – Expiration Date and Expired by Mikaela Bender
    Before I found this book, it had always been a mission of mine to find a Science Fiction book that appeals to me. That seemed impossible, much less finding a normal Sci Fi. And that genre is so hard to find on Wattpad, you have no idea. A lover of all things science (and fiction), once I found this book, it went straight to my reading list. Or is it my private library? I’ve honestly forgotten. It spent a couple of months in my library without me touching it, which was normal, since I was busy, and I was reading other books at the time.
  • 11 Hobbies You Can Start With Little or No Money
    I am what you (I, really) would describe as a hobby-hopper. Seriously. I keep jumping from one hobby to another, and they don’t last, but they do help to pass time, and murder (kill is too innocent) boredom. So I’m here to share some of them with you. Correction, some of the helpful ones. And others I would love to try.
  • An Interview – Favor Ogbor
    Hey!! How’s your day going? In my last post, I said I was working on something big. Well, here it is!!
  • Word Scraps – Edition 3
    Hey guys, again! Yes, you guessed it, no tangible post today, but that’s because I’m planning something big and different for my next post, and it’s taking quite a while to put together. So, I’ve chosen a specific chapter of my current WIP, and posted it here. So sorry about that, but I’m guessing not […]
  • Star Flies – A book by Favour Ogbor (review by Ree)
    Hey guys, what is up!! I am back again with another book review which I think you’re all going to love. So, brief story; This book was written by a close friend of mine who I met on Wattpad through a book of hers. After a long while of putting most of her books on hold, she finally managed to put together an awesome book which I think you guys should hear about.
  • Fifteen Fun (not really) Facts About Me, Ree
    Hey guys, again!! How’s your day going? Today’s post is going to be a bit more personal than my previous posts. Actually, a lot more personal. I recently found out that this blog has reached a total of fifteen followers! For me, a newbie who is completely new to the blogging world, this is massive. A huge thank you to every single one of you who followed me; it means so much to me, you have no idea.
  • Helpful Writing Prompts I found On Pinterest
    Hey guys!! So, I know it hasn’t been a week since my last blog post, but I just felt the need to share this with you guys. Plus, I might start posting randomly in between the weekly posts. Enjoy!!💛
  • More Word Scraps
    Hey, again! Nothing special, just another short part of a longer book in progress. I have exams ongoing, and it’s not like I don’t have anything to write about (this time I do), it’s just that I don’t have the time.